In Her Mother’s Image

In Her Mother’s Image is the story of a mother and daughter, Consuelo and Chiquita, who are entangled in a web of longing and antipathy set amidst the chaos of World War II in the Philippines and thirty years later in 1971.  The war is seen through the eyes of a headstrong eight-year-old child, Chiquita, who bears witness to an act of betrayal committed by her formidable mother, Consuelo.  A betrayal that will be revisited thirty years later when Chiquita goes back to the land of her birth to face the source of her lifelong torment – her own mother. 

Cecilia Gaerlan is a Bay Area playwright based in Berkeley, California.  She received an Honorable Mention in the Stage Play Script Category of the Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition in 2005 for The Hand of God (about St. Francis of Assisi) and in 2010 for Magnus Laurent (about Lorenzo de Medici).  She is a recipient of a Theatre Bay Area CASH Award in 2002 for her play, Brilliance within the Darkness, which is about the blind Spanish composer, Joaquin Rodrigo, who composed the guitar masterpiece Concierto de Aranjuez and other great works.  She is the author of several other plays on a wide variety of topics, including the United Nations (commissioned by City College of San Francisco for the U.N.’s 50th anniversary), child prostitution and the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

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