Seasons by the Bay


Oscar Peñaranda was born in Barugo, Leyte, Philippines. Childhood in Manila. Adolescence in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, the rest in San Francisco and Bay Area. Speaks at least three languages, the language of his birth (Waray Visaya), of his youth (Tagalog and English), and then that of his adulthood (English and Beyond). Educator, writer, and advocate of Filipino and Filipino American studies and events. Taught at S.F. State, Everett Middle School in San Francisco, and James Logan High School in Union City. Internationally published for over thirty five years. Published one book of stories called Seasons by the Bay which won the Global Filipino Literary Award for 2004. He also published a book of poetry called Full Deck: Jokers Playing, 2004, which won the best book for poetry in 2005 from P.AW.A. (Philippine American Writers and Artists).

 He is going to be the moderator of the Filipino American Writer’s Showcase program at the library on September 25th .


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