Don’t Worry , Be Happy!

Depression Answer Book : Professional Answers to More Than 275 Critical Questions About Medication, Therapy, Support, &More

  • Depression affects 14.8 million American adults every year.
  • An important new addition to Sourcebooks’ Answer Book series, The Depression Answer Book is a must-have shelf reference written in our easy-to-read question-and-answer format.
  • Authored by an experienced psychiatrist who has done extensive work in the mental health arena, readers will find more than 275 questions and answers that cover such pressing topics as:
  • How do I know if my sadness is actually depression?
  • Does depression ever go away on its own?
  • How can I help a family member who is depressed?
  • Couldn’t everyone be diagnosed with depression at one time or another?
  • How do I know which medication is right for me?
  • At a time when individuals are overwhelmed with confusing, and often conflicting, information and emotions, The Depression Answer Book explains confusing medical lingo and provides straightforward answers to pressing questions.
  • Chemistry of Joy : A Three-step Program for Overcoming

Depression Through Western Science And Eastern Wisdom

The Chemistry of Joy presents Dr. Emmons’s natural approach to depression — supplemented with medication if necessary — blending the best of Western science and Eastern philosophy to create one’s body own biochemistry of joy. Integrating Western brain chemistry, natural and Ayurvedic medicine, Buddhist psychology, and his own joyful heart techniques, Dr. Emmons creates a practical program for each of the three types of depression: anxious depression, agitated depression, and sluggish depression. The Chemistry of Joyhelps the person to identify which type of depression he/she is experiencing and provides a specific diet and exercise plan to address it, as well as nutritional supplements and “psychology of mindfulness” exercises that can restore  body’s natural balance and energy. This flexible approach creates newfound joy for those whose lives have been touched by depression — and pathways for all who seek to actively improve their emotional lives. 

Bob Marley / Don’t Worry Be Happy


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