Monday Children’s Book Reviews for November 28, 2011

OMIGOSH! Thanksgiving is already past, and it’s time to plan for the December holidays. Winter is full of special days, gifts, visiting, eating, decorating, all kinds of fun! And what could be better than making things and giving them away? The Library has books on art, crafts, cooking and baking, cards and wrapping. Check it out!

ReMake It! Recycling Projects From the Stuff You Usually Scrap by Tiffany Threadgould

“Vintage LP covers, empty tissue boxes, broken umbrellas: to the green and crafty kid, they’re treasures! Written in a teen-friendly style, and printed on eco-friendly FSC paper, ReMake It! presents 104 cool eco-smart projects – like turning an oatmeal container into a cool tote. Instructions, a stitchionary and templates make it easy and fun to get creative…with stuff that’s FREE!”              [J745.5 THREADGOULD]

Scrapbook Starters by Tracy Nelson Maurer

“Making a scrapbook . . . is a way to tell a story about yourself with pictures and notes.” This Creative Crafts for Kids series title guides young readers through the basics of starting, designing, and maintaining a scrapbook, from choosing a theme to forming a scrapbook club with friends to share the fun.                                 [J745.593 MAURER]

Make Your Own Cools Cards: 25 Awesome Notes and Invitations by Peg Blanchette

“Gives instructions for making a variety of cards and envelopes ranging from simple to more complicated shaped and three-dimensional cards.”             [J745.5941 BLANCHETTE]

Thanks, Aunt Zelda! Thank You Cards for Kids to Craft by Cynthia MacGregor

“Everyone loves to get presents, but these days very few people reply with thank-you cards. Thanks, Aunt Zelda! introduces the etiquette of saying “”thank you”” and teaches children of all ages how to write the perfect thank-you card for any occasion. This unique craft book also shows kids how to create personalized, one-of-a-kind cards that are thoughtful presents unto themselves.                       [J745.5941 MACGREGOR]

Best Friends Forever! 199 Projects to Make and Share by Laura Torres

“Offers step-by-step directions for projects and activities for friends to share, including pressed flower stickers, pocket pillows, dragonfly pencils, beaded bandannas, and secret message bracelets.”               [J745.5 TORRES]


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