Monday Children’s Book Reviews for January 2, 2012

All Alameda County Library branches are closed today, the day after New Years Day, but you can still find all kinds of wonderful things on the Library’s website

Click on the KIDS link at the top of the page. Did you get an eReader as a gift? You can find ebooks to download through the Library website. You will also find links to many interesting and fun websites. At CELEBRATE HANUKKAH, read about Jewish traditions and play a game of dreidel. Follow the CELEBRATE KWANZAA link and find out about one of the newest celebrations, the history, symbols, and traditions. And you can click on SEUSSVILLE  where you can “Visit Whoville and play games with Mr. Grinch!”

On the Children’s Place page, click on the Reading Rocks link and you will find a wealth of exciting things! On the left side of the page, under TELL ME A STORY, are places to download an ebook or listen to books and stories on line. BOOKFLIX pairs a story with a true, non-fiction book, and you can listen and read along!

Cheetah from GRZIMEK'S ANIMAL LIFE database

If you’re starting to remember that assignment you have to complete and turn in when you go back to school — or you just want some great pictures of cheetahs — you will also find great information at the Children’s Place.

We hope you are enjoying your Winter Break. Come visit us here at the Library, and even when you can’t come physically you can still visit virtually!


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