Monday Children’s Book Reviews for February 20, 2012

All branches of the Alameda County Library are closed Monday, February 20th, in honor of Washington’s Birthday

Hugs from Pearl by Paul Schmid

“This is Pearl.

“Pearl loves to hug.

“Hugs are nice . . . except when they come from a porcupine.

“Pearl tries and tries to solve her problem and finally fixes it in her very own way.


Utterly Otterly Night by Mary Casanova

“Little Otter is ready for some action! Rustling leaves call to him. Sweet, spicy air beckons. The moon is as huge and golden as Owl’s eyes. So Little Otter sets off for some fun. But with wolves on the prowl, Little Otter’s adventures are a series of dizzying close calls. When he finally returns to his den, Little Otter’s family is all played out and ready for bed!”


Beswitched by Kate Saunders

“On her way, reluctantly, to a boarding school in present-day England, Flora suddenly finds herself in 1935, the new girl at St. Winifred’s, having been summoned via a magic spell by her new dormitory mates.

“No iPod? No cell phone? No hair products? How will she survive? Now Flora’s a new girl at St. Winifred’s, where she has to speak French at breakfast, wear hideous baggy bloomers, and sleep in a freezing dormitory. But lots of adventures in the past are amazing even if they are not forever. How will she find her way back to the 21st century?”                 [J SAUNDERS]

Here Come the Girl Scouts! The Amazing All-True Story of Juliette “Daisy” Gordon Low and her Great Adventure by Shana Corey

“The amazing, all-true story of the first Girl Scouts and their visionary founder.

“Juliette Gordon Low–Daisy to her friends and family–was not like most girls of the Victorian era.

“Prim and proper?


“Dainty and delicate?


“She loved the outdoors, and she yearned for adventure! Born into a family of pathfinders and pioneers, she too wanted to make a difference in the world–and nothing would stop her.

“Combining her ancestors’ passion for service with her own adventurous spirit and her belief that girls could do anything, she founded the Girl Scouts. One hundred years later, they continue to have adventures, do good deeds, and make a difference!”                                         [J369.46309 COREY]


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One response to “Monday Children’s Book Reviews for February 20, 2012

  1. And when you get to the review of Shana Corey’s book, you might want to also include my just-released 2012 biography, FIRST GIRL SCOUT: THE LIFE OF JULIETTE GORDON LOW, published by Clarion books, for readers nine and up, 224 pages long, and illustrated with 100+ archival images. I live in Orinda, CA.

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