Book Club @ the Union City Library

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As many of you who were there know; it has been a great experience each month to get together and discuss a selected title. We had total of 15 members that are attending the session. We never had 15 at once, and never had less than 8 either. We started this monthly discussion last April. The most favorite titles were the house of Mondavi: the rise and fall of an American wine dynasty / Julia Flynn Siler; and Homer & Langley / E.L. Doctorow. We meet the fourth Tuesday of the month at the Union City library meeting room regardless if we finish the book or not. Sometimes we only enjoy the first two section of the book (Eat Pray Love); sometimes we go through the book as fast as possible because it is too dark and depressing like the title Book Thief. Sometime we go back and finish the book like Eat Pray and Love or we go back to read it again because we want to know more about it Like Homer and Langley. Sometimes we like to find more facts about the book and read the original biography the book was based on, Pearl of China. And again the diverse presence of our members allows us to discuss the book at personal level like the title the space between us / Thrity Umrigar.

feel free to join us for the next session on April 24th for discussion of

the Piano Teacher by janice Y. K. Lee.

We always have fresh coffee and cookies provided by the Friends of the Union City Library!

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