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How to increase your website traffic / Khoa Bui

Climb higher in the Search Engines
Attract More Website Visitors by 500%
Massively Increase Your Sales
Expose Yourself to Greater Opportunities Online
Overtake Competitor Websites
Make More Money Online
Sell More Products and Services
Learn How to Convert Your Traffic to Sales

Social Networking
Low Cost Traffic Generation Strategies
The Khoa Bui Cash Website Triangle Formula
Domain Name Tips
How to Optimize Your Website for Speed
How to Harness Publicity Online
Whe the Colors on Your Website May Not Be Effective

Getting Organized in the Google Era :

How to Get Stuff Out of Your Head, Find It When You Need It, and Get It Done Right

Trying to get organized in the more fast-paced world of the new technologies can often lead to stress and a subsequent decrease in productivity. Merrill (former chief information officer, Google) and technology blogger Martin here offer a practical guide on the subject. Part 1 focuses on the individual’s perspective and constraints, while Part 2 discusses the need for “a radically new 21st-century definition of organization” and a new tool set for the world today. Part 3 focuses on avoiding brain strain and integrating work and life, among other topics. Throughout, the authors address many issues, e.g., effectively using search engines, and present regular summaries of their key ideas. Also of great value is a “Stuff We Love” chapter that discusses and rates search engines, desktop search tools, email, and other communication tools (e.g., Twitter); online backup storage and file syncing; to-do list managers and productivity tools; web browsers and plug-ins; RSS readers; laptops; and more.                                                            Library Journal Reviews

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