Monday Children’s Book Reviews for April 23, 2012

Jo MacDonald Saw a Pond by Mary Quattlebaum

“In this version of the classic song ‘Old MacDonald Had a Farm,’ the farmer’s granddaughter discovers the creatures living in a pond.

“Blurp. Croak. Quack! Come along with Jo MacDonald and learn about the wild creatures at the pond on the farm. You’ll find fish, frogs, ducks — and a few surprises.”                              [JPB QUATTLEBAUM]

Welcome to Silver Street Farm by Nicole Davies

“Even though Meera, Gemma, and Karl live in the city, they’ve always wanted a farm of their own. And it looks as though their dream may happen sooner than they imagined when Meera discovers an abandoned railway station with grounds for grazing. Next, some eggs they thought were foul hatch into ducklings, and a couple of “poodles” bought off the Internet turn out to be lambs. There’s just one problem: how can the kids – and the community – persuade the city council not to turn the old site into a parking garage? The first in a series of fun-filled stories about Silver Street Farm, here is a tale with natural appeal for kids who love animals, aim to be green, and enjoy a do-it-yourself spirit of adventure.”            [ J DAVIES]

The Tanglewood Terror by Kurtis Scaletta

“When 13-year-old Eric Parrish comes across glowing mushrooms in the woods behind his house, he’s sure there’s a scientific explanation. But when they start encroaching on the town — covering the football field and popping up from beneath the floorboards — Eric knows something’s seriously wrong. Not that much else is going right: his parents are fighting, his little brother Brian is a little pill, and he’s had a falling-out with his football team — over a pig.

“Then a runaway girl from a nearby boarding school warns Eric that the fungus could portend the town’s doom and leave it in rubble — just like the village that inexplicably disappeared in the exact same spot over 200 years ago. Eric, Brian, and Mandy set out to solve a very old mystery and save the town of Tanglewood.”         [J SCALETTA]

The Forever Forest: Kids Save a Tropical Treasure by Kristin Joy Pratt-Serafini

“On a hike through the Children’s Eternal Rainforest, Peter discovers many intriguing plants and animals, and also that his mother was one of the second-graders who joined with other children from all over the world to make preservation of this Costa Rican rainforest possible.”     [J578.73409 PRATT-SERAFINI]


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