Book Club @ the Union City Library

The Last book club meeting was a pleasant one.We gathered on the library patio, watched the birds on the lake behind the library, and discussed Portuguese Irregular Verb. This was a small novel about a highly educated professor in small college who wrote a book on Portuguese Irregular Verb…that was all he thought about and his life and his love and his travelling were all overshadowed by his own book. Eeven when he found out  that the water in Venice /Italy has been affected with radioactive material; hisis perception on life or his personal goal were not changed. Even the water damage books–on romance language in the historical library in Venice did not change his attitude.  The academic and highly sophisticated tone of author in the book made readers to laugh rather than to sympathize at the  character’s misfortune. The author was successful to show how the academic work can be so abstract and at extreme a joke, not being able to encompass a real world problem. The academia solution to the problem is like playing Tennis from the book as the author deliciously visualizes for us as the three professors play the game by reading the handbook!  There was an element of stereotype in the book…that all professors were German… Perhaps the author likes to bring readers’ attention to pollution of the Rhine River as it flows through Germany’s industrial zone as well.–Afterall the author is a professor of medical law at the Edidenburgh University!

The next book Club meeting will be Tuesday July 24 @ 1p.m. The Selected title is Wish You Week / David Baldacci… the member who has just started this book; she  found it very exciting.  The library has only 5 copies; however, it can be easily borrowed through our Link+ system–please ask at the information desk.

for more information please contact  Martha Brown 510-475-7531 or


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