Monday Children’s Book Reviews for July 2, 2012

Chloe by Peter McCarty

“Chloe Bunny lives with her big family of ten older brothers and sisters and ten younger brothers and sisters, but it is only Chloe who is able to compete with the new television set that Dad brings home one evening.”                        [JPB MCCARTY]

Jake and Lily by Jerry Spinelli

“Sharing a summer of friends and bullies in their 11th year, twins Jake and Lily, who have always felt like two halves of the same person, make valuable discoveries about their unique interests and qualities. Now that they’re 11, though, they seem to be losing that ability and their special relationship. When Jake starts hanging out with a small group of boys led by a bully, Lily feels betrayed and bereft. With the help of their grandfather, she struggles to regain her equilibrium. Meanwhile, Jake slowly realizes that he wants to shift his path a bit. Written as a dual first-person narrative with chapters alternating between the main characters, this chapter book shows both points of view with equal clarity. By the Newbery Medal-winning author of Maniac Magee.”    [Booklist Reviews]         [J SPINELLI]

Just Duct Tape It!: Over 25 Creative Ideas by Patti Wallenfang

You’ve probably seen wallets made of duct tape. This book takes it further with instructions for making everything from table lamps to flip flops! Imagine!



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