Monday Children’s Book Reviews for September 24, 2012

Mittens at School by Lola M. Schaefer and Susan Kathleen Hartung

“Visiting school with his human friend Nick, Mittens the curious kitten resolves to see everything and explores the classroom while the students are away, a venture that gets Mittens into more trouble than he expected.”  An I Can Read: My First Reading book  [JE SCHAEFER]

Ruby Redfort, Look Into My Eyes by Lauren Child

“Idolized by young mystery fan Clarice Bean, code-cracker and daring detective Ruby, accompanied by sidekick butler, Hitch, works for a secret crime-busting organization to stop nefarious villains, in the first entry in a new Ruby Redfort series.

“Ruby gets into lots of scrapes with evil villains, but she’s always ice-cool in a crisis. Just take a classic screwball comedy, add heaps of breathtaking action, and multiply it by Lauren Child’s writing genius, and what have you got? Only the most exciting new middle-grade series since, like, ever.”  By the author of the Clarice Bean series.    [J CHILD]

Banned Books Week is September 30 – October 6. Make up your OWN mind!


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