Holidays are coming!

Holidays is a time for connection , there are infinite ways to connect to nature , friends, family, and ….Come to the Library and get few more ideas.

Native American Wisdom, A Spiritual Tradtion at one with Nature
This volume is not the first broad-based anthology of spiritual writings from the Native American tradition, but it is perhaps the first to acknowledge with such care the differing tribes and nations (Apache, Kiowa, Seneca, and so forth) from which its excerpts come, giving observant readers the sense not only of shared Native American traditions but of differences among tribal beliefs. Highly recommended. Library Journal Review


Prayer at Sunrise

Now this day.

My Sun father,

Now that you have come out standing to your sacred place.

That from which we draw the water of life.

Prayer meal.

Here I give to you.

Your long life,

Your old age,

Your waters.

Your seeds,

Your riches

Your power,

Your strong spirit,

All these to me may you grant.

Connect To Love : Ten Keys to Transforming Your Relationship/

M. Gary NeuMan

“What women want from a relationship-based on new research from the New York
Times bestselling author Couples can grow stronger by understanding what women
need from a romantic relationship. In What Women Want, family counselor and
relationships expert M. Gary Neuman explores the problems that women face in
their marriages or relationships that might make them dissatisfied with their
partners-or willing to stray. Neuman reveals the startling discoveries he made
through his in-depth new research of more than five hundred women. When it comes
to sexual intimacy, for instance, wives who are satisfied with their marriages
have sex more than twice as frequently than those who are dissatisfied or who
are inclined to cheat. Includes surprising findings on sex, emotional issues,
communication, and more. Gives men and women tools for improving a relationship,
From the author of the New York Times bestseller The Truth about Cheating,
Neuman has been a frequent guest on Oprah, Today, and other programs. Written
with a compassionate and down-to-earth tone, What Women Want will open your eyes
to see relationships in a new way and empower yourself and your partner for


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