Monday Children’s Book Reviews for December 24, 2012

Aaahhh, Winter break! In between shopping, and eating, and visiting, there is time to stop, sit, visit, read, and sometimes sleep late. If you’re looking for something fun and different to do with your family, here are some places to look.

The Family Book: Amazing Things To Do Together by Philippa Wingate

“A spiffy guide to spending quality time with your family!

“Within these over-sized, illustrated pages you’ll find humorous instructions on how to:

  • “Prove you’re a mathematical genius, negotiate your allowance with sign language, and create secret codes!
  • Escape from a charging elephant and make a memorable breakfast in bed!
  • Create a photographic family tree and tell if your dad has been replaced by an alien!

“And more than 100 other amazing things to do with your family!”                    [J790.191 FAMILY]

The Games Book by Huw Davies

“Remember how to play your favorite games from yesterday!

“This terrific compendium includes traditional indoor and outdoor games that have been enjoyed by generations of children and their parents before them. Full instructions are included for each game, so learning and relearning your favorites is easy and fun! Remember how to play:

  • Spooky games like Wink Murder.
  • Classic games like jacks, marbles, and hopscotch.
  • Outdoor games like Capture the Flag and Hide and Seek.
  • Card games like gin rummy… and many more!”

[J970.1922 DAVIES]



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