Monday Children’s Book Reviews for February 4, 2013

“Chinese New Year is the most important and, at 15 days, the longest holiday in China. Chinese New Year begins on the first day of the lunar calendar, so it is also called Lunar New Year, and it is considered the beginning of spring, so it is also called Spring Festival. Learn the traditions and customs of Chinese New Year and how to prepare for and celebate Chinese New Year.”

February 10 is the first day of Chinese New Year in 2013 and this is the year of the Snake. This would be your Chinese Zodiac sign if you were born in 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, or 2013. People born under the sign of the Snake “are wise and focused. They trust their own judgment. Snake people cannot help but do their best because they hate to fail at anything. Snake people believe everyone should lend a helping hand.”

Chinese New Year by Nancy Dickmann

“This book introduces readers to what it means to celebrate Chinese New Year, and shows them why this holiday is special.”

[JE 394.261 DICKMANN]

Chinese New Year: Count and Celebrate! by Fredrick L. McKissack, Jr. and Lisa Beringer McKissack

“Kids count from one to ten as they learn about the history, symbols, and customs of Chinese New Year.”              [J394.261 MCKISSACK]

Celebrate Tet by Laura E. Jeffrey

“Provides a colorfully illustrated and comprehensive look at this significant holiday in the Vietnamese culture through a review of its traditions and events as they are celebrated in Vietnam and in the United States.”       [J394.261 JEFFREY]

Ten Mice for Tet by Pegi Deitz Shea and Cynthia

“It’s time for Tet! This vibrant, unique counting book introduces children to the rich traditions of the Vietnamese New Year. A playful village of mice lead young readers through the joyful celebration, as exquisitely embroidered illustrations recreate ten scenes of preparation, gift giving, feasting, and firework displays. Ten Mice for Tet is a joyful tribute to a special holiday.”                     [JPB SHEA]


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