Monday Children’s Book Reviews for July 22, 2013

I just heard about a fun new series, and they’re available!

Submarine Outlaw by Philip Roy

In the first book in the series, “Alfred, a young boy who wants to be an explorer – not a fisherman, as his family demands – teams up with a junkyard genius to build a submarine that he sails around the Maritimes. When the submarine is mistaken for a Russian spy sub and chased by the coastguard, a thrilling high-seas chase ensues.”

Journey to Atlantis

In the sequel to Submarine Outlaw, “Alfred and his crew, (his dog Hollie and his second mate the seagull Seaweed), sail across the Atlantic and enter the Mediterranean in search of the fabled lost island of Atlantis. From a daring rescue of drowning fishermen to becoming involved in a skirmish between Canadian coastguard ships and Spanish fishing trawlers, from escaping an exploding WWII sea mine to colliding with a partially submerged container filled with toys, from turning the chase on bumbling pirates to an unscheduled camel trek into the desert, Alfred’s submarine voyage brings him closer and closer to the legendary island until one moonless night he finds himself a little too close for comfort.”

Ghosts of the Pacific

“The fourth volume in the best-selling Submarine Outlaw series, begins with Alfred and his crew of Seaweed the seagull and Hollie the dog undertaking a harrowing journey through the icy gauntlet of the Northwest Passage on the way to the South Pacific. Alfred wants to see those dark places of the earth where horrendous events have taken place. He sets his sights on exotic Micronesia—a beautiful place, but home to the nuclear testing of Bikini Lagoon; the Suicide Cliffs of Saipan; the airfields of Tinian, where the Enola Gay lifted off with the atomic bomb; and the Marshall Islands, which may conceal secrets to the mystery of Amelia Earhart’s final days. Yet even with these past tragedies in mind, Alfred discovers that the world is facing an even greater threat today. As they sail into the hot, hazy world of the Pacific, they encounter the ruthless killing practices of shrimp trawlers and an island of plastic the size of Texas. Along the way, Alfred, Hollie and Seaweed befriend the crew of an environmental protection ship, who help to inspire him to take on a new goal: to protect the oceans of the world.”

Hmmm, you might wonder – what happened to the THIRD volume in the series? Well, we’re working on that, so stay tuned!


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