Monday Children’s Book Reviews for August 5, 2013

Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library by Chris Grabenstein

“Twelve-year-old Kyle wins a coveted spot to be one of 12 children chosen to stay in the new town library–designed by his hero, the famous gamemaker Luigi Lemoncello–for an overnight of fun, food and games, but in the morning, the kids find all the doors still locked and must work together to solve secret puzzles in order to discover the hidden escape route.” That’s the basics; you might want to check out a real book review to get a better idea of this book.     [J GRABENSTEIN]

Start a Blog! by Matt Anniss

“Gives creative young people all the advice and encouragement they need to take their first steps. The no-nonsense text style demystifies difficult techniques and gives plenty of tips on how to achieve fantastic DIY results.

“Includes websites and apps for further instruction, ‘Go for it!’ sidebars offering easy DIY projects, and ‘The Early Days’ and ‘Inside Story’ boxes.”               [J006.752 ANNISS]

Journey Into the Invisible: The World From Under the Microscope by Christine Schlitt

“Discover how microscopes are made and what they are actually used for—then begin the exploration! You’ll discover fascinating facts and incredible (and sometimes gross!) images of plants, insects, rocks, water, and even the human body!”         [J571-29 SCHLITT]


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