Write Your Story @ the Union City Library

eiffel_tower_black_and_whiteTwo books were suggested by the program participants as models for memoir writing.

All creatures great and small/James Herriot

Twenty years ago, St. Martin’s Press published a volume of memoirs by an unknown Scottish veterinarian named James Herriot. Its title was All Creatures Great and Small. Within a year, the book had become recognized as a masterpiece. In the two decades that have followed, James Herriot has become one of the most universally loved authors of our time. As one reviewer wrote,” If you ever loved a friend, human or otherwise, this is the book for you.”

Tattoos on the heart : the power of boundless compassion / Gregory Boyle

An award-winning Jesuit priest shares an inspirational series of tales from his life working in broken-down urban areas with underprivileged children, describing how he helped them to find faith and embrace such values as patience, self-worth and kinship.

*the last meeting of the Write Your Story for Summer will be on August 20.



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2 responses to “Write Your Story @ the Union City Library

  1. Judy

    Is it okay to join the last session?

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