Teen Volunteer Recruitment: August 19 – September 7

It’s that time of year when the library gets a lot of questions about opportunities for teens* to volunteer in order to meet school gradutation requirements.

Raised Hands Graphic:

Union City’s Fall Volunteer Cycle begins August 19

Union City Library’s Volunteer Program Goals:

  • Offer local students opportunities to complete their community service requirements.
  • Provide job readiness skills.
  • Provide needed help and special services for the library.

In an effort to meet the needs of local students seeking community service opportunities the Union City Library will now offer 3 Volunteer Cycles each year, allowing participants to earn 20 hours of service per cycle.

Fall Cycle Volunteer Recruitment Period: August 19 – September 7
Applications will be available in the library and online. All Applicants will be contacted and notified of acceptance decision by 9/14

Volunteer Programs: September 29 – December 7

All applications will be reviewed and students selected based on the information provided in the applications, including their availability. Preference will be given to:

  • Students who are in their last two years of school
  • Students who have not volunteered with the library previously

Students who have begun but did not complete their required/desired hours in one Volunteer Cycle may apply for future Volunteer Cycles, and acceptance will be considered based on their previous performance.

If you have questions contact Tracey Firestone, Union City Library Teen Librarian, by email at tfirestone@aclibrary.org or by phone at 510-284-0628.

* A special note to the Adults who are seeking Volunteer Opportunities, the Union City Library is not accepting new Adult Volunteers at this time. When we are recruiting for Adult Volunteers we will post the details in a future blog post.


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