Write Your Story @ the Union City Library

eiffel_tower_black_and_whiteJoin our senior library member, Bruce Haase and write your story. Bruce said “ he has read thousands of books” . He will be the facilitator of the group. This is an informal meeting to support each other and organize your thoughts for writing. Sharing is optional.
Meeting take place five Tuesdays: October 1, 15, 29, and November 5, 19 1 — 3 p.m. Please bring your pen & paper.

For more information: Bruce Haase Email:ohnjca@comcast.net




the following was submitted by Bruce Haase

Hello, Last Sunday we were at a sculpture place with Sarah and her friend Erin. Erin bought a clown for $200      and I said I’d write a story about her Clown… The sculptures are made of scrap metal and assorted odds and ends… some very clever and interesting finished pieces arose from most unlikely beginnings. OK, OK, So a poet I be not so, Bruce


“A Yellow Clown Sculpture”
I thought I was going to be the “BEE KING”
Everyone knew the Queen Bee and I would, the world show
Me, the only Bee King, very exciting, don’t you know.
He painted me yellow, I was so happy
He found no black for my stripes, I started to frown.
He said, “Cheer up, I’ll make you a clown.”
The giant stinger was put on my head
A glance in the mirror and I saw at once
That stupid stinger had made me a Dunce
He said not to worry
I should dance and sing
He said look at you, “THE DUNCE KING”
He noticed my doubt and said not to fear
I would be “State of the Art”
Then he added my Heart.
Never lonely I’ll be
For a home I’ll be share’n
With my BFF  ERIN !!!
Who rescued me
~ ~ ~ ~ ~



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