Wine of the Mystic

wine of the mustic

    I sometimes think that never blows so red
    The Rose as where some buried Caesar bled;
    That every hyacinth the Garden wears
    Dropt in its Lap fron some once lovely Head

GLOSSARY- Never blows so red: Never so well reflects how all creation is interlinked. Hyacinth; Noble thought. Garden: The human mind. Lovely head: Inspiring soul.

The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam as translated by Edward FitzGerald has long been one of the most beloved poems in the English Language. In an illuminating new interpretation, Paramahansa Yogananda reveals – behind the enigmatic weil of metaphor – the mystical essence of this literary classic.
YogiAutobiography of a Yogi / Paramahansa Yogananda
After half a century in print, this widely acclaimed autobiography is now available in a superb audio translation narrated by Academy AwardR-winning actor Ben Kingsley. The work is enduringly popular because it introduces millions of readers to Eastern spiritual thought. Yogananda’s masterly storytelling epitomizes the Indian oral tradition with its wit, charm, and compassionate wisdom. The yogi begins by showing how his childhood experiences in turn-of-the-century India produced a spiritual youth in search of an enlightened teacher, continues with an account of his years of training in the hermitage of a revered master, and concludes with the highlights of a period, beginning in 1920, during which he lived and taught in America. Yogananda sensitively interprets not only his own spiritual evolution but also his relationship with elements of the West’s spiritual tradition, such as the story of Adam and Eve, providing a penetrating look at the ultimate mysteries of human existence.


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