Mind wishpering….

 Mind whispering

Mind whispering : a new   map to freedom from self-defeating emotional habits / Tara Bennett-Goleman

Drawing on the latest   ideas in cognitive psychology, neuroscience and Eastern traditions, the New   York Times bestselling author of Emotional Alchemy reveals how to move beyond   negative emotional patterns and achieve lasting emotional freedom.

Calming the emotional storm : using dialectical behavior therapy skills to manage your emotions & balance your life / Sheri Van Dijk

Calming the EmCalming the emotionalotional   Storm is your guide to   coping with difficult emotions calmly and responsibly by using powerful   skills from dialectical behavior therapy. This method combines cognitive   behavioral techniques with mindfulness practices to change the way you   respond to stressful situations. By practicing these skills, you can stop   needless emotional suffering and develop the inner resilience that will help   you weather any emotional storm.• Establish a balanced   life for an everyday sense of well-being
• Let go of unwanted worries and fears
• Become better at accepting yourself and others
• Work through a crisis without letting emotions take over

Emotional chaos to clarity : how to live more skillfully, make better decisions, and find purpose in life / Phillip Moffitt

“No matter how hard we try, life is often difficult, disappointing, and stressful. Consequently, we are often in the turmoil of emotional chaos resulting from a reactive mind that is grasping and fearful. But in this inspiring and prescriptive book, Phillip Moffitt shows us how to move from emotional chaemotional chaosos of the reactive mind to the clarity of the responsive mind. This is what Moffitt calls skillful living and it empowers us to live more satisfying lives and move towards our goals without fear. Elegantly written with both precision and passion, Emotional Chaos to Clarity puts a finger on challenges experienced by nearly everyone.”-


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