Monday Children’s Book Reviews for April 14, 2014

Is That My Cat? by Jonathan Allen

“’Is that my cat? It can’t be. My cat is a slim, sleek pussy cat.’ But something’s up with this rather large kitty—the same one who used to fit through the cat door, climbed trees fearlessly, and always wanted to play. Now, it takes two hands to pick her up, and now this fussy eater finishes all her food! In true Jonathan Allen style, the story unfolds little by little, page by page—keeping us guessing right until the end, when we get a BIG, happy surprise.”             [JPB ALLEN]
Sky Raiders by Brandon Mull
“Adventure awaits in the first installment of a new series that finds sixth-grader Cole whisked through a portal to The Outskirts, an in-between world, where he must rescue his friends and find his way back home before his existence is forgotten. By the best-selling author of the Fablehaven and Beyonders series.”                [J MULL]
“It’s 1848, and brave families band together in covered wagons to head west. Each chapter introduces a different speaker to tell his or her part of the story: there’s Carl Hawks, son of the wagon train leader; Louisa Bailey, the newlywed; Chankoowashtay, a Sioux brave; and more. This book showcases a thrilling and often dangerous time in our history, bringing the story of the great Westward Expansion to vivid life.”                 [J978.02 WINTERS]

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