Write Your Story ….You Can Write a Memoir

We all have memories. They are the well from which we draw stories. And most of us have a desire to tell and hear stories, even short one. as witnessed by the energetic conversation around our dinner tables and by standard questions that open many of our social conversations: “what are you up to?” ” what did you do today” “what ‘s going on?”Some of us have the desire to write those stories , to use them to preserve our personal or family histories, and to write ourselves into the present and even the future.

-from the book You can write a memoir by Susan Carol Hauser 


Join our senior library member Bruce Haase
and write your memoir. Bruce is life ling reader, heeiffel_tower_blue
now writes memoire-based, creative non-fiction.
These are informal meetings ,
to support each other and organize your thoughts
for writing. Sharing is optional.
Meetings take place
The Third Tuesday of the month
August 19,
and September 16
1 p.m. — 3 p.m.
Please bring pen & paper


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