Monday Children’s Book Reviews for July 28, 2014

What do you need to know about, and how can you improve your, digital and information literacy?

Cloud-Based Computing by Larry Gerber

“Readers determine what cloud computing looks like and how it is revolutionizing their education today. They evaluate its use in social collaboration, data storage and utility computing, Google Apps, Docs, and Maps, email, banking and shopping, pictures, movies, and music, mobile apps and services, and how the cloud is used in everyday life. The text explains the basics in this rapidly evolving technology along with its use in business applications. Drawbacks of cloud computing are also addressed, including issues of security, privacy, and ethics, and access, control, and stability concerns.”            [J004.6782 GERBER]

Building Apps by Laura La Bella

“With the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, apps have taken the world by storm and captured the collective imagination. They range in nature from delightfully frivolous and whimsical to sturdily practical and utilitarian, simple and straightforward to dazzlingly elaborate. In an incredibly brief period of time, they have become fundamental to the smooth and pleasurable functioning of most people’s daily lives. App designers are the new rock stars of the programming world. Any [one] seeking to learn what apps are, how they work, and how they can be designed, programmed, tested, and sold to the highest bidder will find all these questions answered in these pages.”                              [J005.1 LA BELLA]

Publishing Your e-Book by Daniel E. Harmon

“Readers consider e-book technology and services, and how to launch an e-book (choosing a platform, platform-specific formatting, etc.) and marketing their e-book to an audience. This engaging narrative presents e-book success stories of young authors, and investigates the reasons for publishing an e-book. It’s a handy how-to guide that enhances writing and communication skills while helping [readers] in their quest to becoming published authors on the Internet.”                [J070.5797 HARMON]

Understanding Digital Piracy by Susan Meyer

“With the rise of the Internet and the explosion of Web-based entertainment, digital piracy has become a startlingly common crime and a huge problem that robs companies, artists, and other content creators of their creative and financial due. The fundamentally unfair nature of the crime and the harsh consequences of this illegal behavior need to be brought home to [readers] in a very visceral, high-impact way. By framing the discussion as property theft pure and simple and putting a human face on the victims, who are the very people [tweens and] teens respect and idolize–musicians, actors, directors, authors, gamers, programmers–this text does exactly that.”                [J364.1662 MEYER]

Gamification: Using Gaming Technology For Achieving Goals by Therese Shea

“Designed for readers who are interested in the cutting edge of computers and technology, and how it interacts with daily life. The text introduces the new concept of gamification, which turns daily behaviors, such as losing weight, into a game that rewards success. Readers are introduced to examples of gamification programs in areas such as environmentalism, education, and health, among others.”                      [J795 SHEA]


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