Monday Children’s Book Reviews for August 11, 2014

Thinking about the new school year? Are you excited yet? Of course you are!

You still have over two weeks of freedom, but it’s not too early to start preparing. Are you all enrolled? Do you need immunizations? Visit your school or school district website for more information – for New Haven students and parents, you can click here.

Wondering what to bring that first day? Most schools have prepared lists of required and suggested supplies – and some local stores will have printed lists. Sometimes your teacher or school wants students to wait until school begins to start putting together the items needed.

In addition to preparing STUFF, start preparing yourself! Start going to bed and getting up earlier, to get back into the school routine. If you live close enough, take a walk to the school or ride your bike. Or drive with your parent so you can walk around and get familiar, whether you’re going to a new school or back to an old familiar one. Riding a bus? Find your bus stop and practice walking to and from your home.


Were you given assignments or a reading list before school ended? It’s not too late to finish – or at least get a good start on it. And take your Library Summer Reading Game board to show your new teacher!

Chu’s First Day of School by Neil Gaiman

“Chu, the adorable panda with a great big sneeze, is heading off for his first day of school, and he’s nervous. He hopes the other boys and girls will be nice. Will they like him? What will happen at school? And will Chu do what he does best?”  [JPB GAIMAN]

Ninja Boy Goes to School by J. D. Wilson

“It’s time for kindergarten, and a young boy is prepared for the task, thanks to his unflinching ninja skills. The challenges of school are no match for a ninja, with his quick reflexes and immense patience.”                  [JPB WILSON]

You’re Wearing THAT to School?! by Lynn Plourde

“‘Oh, yes, yes!’ Penelope is so excited about the first day of school that she’s doing her happy hippo dance. She can’t wait to wear her rainbow sparkle outfit, bring her favorite stuffed toy for show-and-tell, and share a big picnic lunch with all her new friends.

“’Oh, no, no!’ says her best pal Tiny, who started school last year. He has a few tips for Penelope about fitting in without sticking out.”               [JPB PLOURDE]

Comics Squad: Recess! 

“Wowza! Calling all kidz! Do you like comics? Do you like laughing till milk comes out of your nose?! Look no further—do we have the book for you! All your favorite comic creators are right here in this handy-dandy hilarious book! This all-star tribute to classic Sunday comics includes eight sidesplitting, action-packed stories about every kid’s favorite subject—RECESS! With popular characters from Babymouse and Lunch Lady and brand-new soon-to-be favorite characters from superstars including Dav Pilkey! Raina Telgemeier! Gene Yang! and many more! Comics Squad also features Pizza Monsters! Secret ninja clubs! Aliens! Talking desserts! Dinozilla! Death-defying escapes! Bad guys! Good guys! Medium guys! Superheroes! Bullies! Mean girls! Epic battles! True love! Outlandish schemes! Evil plans! Fun! Jokes! Terrible puns! And other surprises that will tickle your funny bone! WARNING: THIS BOOK MAY CAUSE EXCESSIVE LAUGHTER AND POSSIBLE SILLINESS. No assembly required”                     [J741.5973 COMICS]

School Made Easier: A Kid’s Guide to Study Strategies and Anxiety-Busting Tools by Wendy L. Moss, PhD and Robin A DeLuca-Acconi, LCSW

  • Do you ever get nervous before a big test?
  • Do you get butterflies in your stomach before giving a presentation?
  • Do you ever lose track of papers?
  • Do you cram to finish long-term assignments at the last minute?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, this book is for you!       [J371.30281 MOSS]



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