Meet the Author @ the Union City Library

 Sunday November 23 @ 3 p.m.

Please Join us for an afternoon talk with the author of

Bittermelons and Mimosas:  A Philippine  Memoir,  Nieves Villamin.


“Nieves Villamin’s book is an

indispensable reference for anyone interested in Philippine history, customs, and superstitions. As a child in the Philippines, Nieves’ life was a challenge – backbreaking fieldwork, a father who often wasn’t there, and dirt-poor living conditions. Yet, this little girl found things to be thankful for such as the singing of the workers while they toiled under blistering sun. Her childlike sense of hope will inspire young readers and make them grateful for living conditions in America. Full of historical data, the memoir also describes in detail a sort of magical thinking that ruled the Philippine people; plus, it celebrates foods, traditions, and rituals that will interest all.”–Description from


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