Lend a Hand, Be a Friend

It’s great to start the day with a full stomach – cereal, toast and milk, or maybe eggs, bacon and juice – you’re ready to face the world! It helps you stay awake in class and feeds your brain so you can listen and learn. Maybe cookies or fruit will be waiting for you at the end of the day, to tide you over until dinner. And that helps you get a good night’s sleep to be ready for the next day.

But not everyone can expect a good breakfast and dinner. Sometimes parents don’t have a job, or their job doesn’t pay a lot of money, and with the costs of everything, like housing, gas, and food, going up all the time it can be very hard to keep a family well fed. It can happen to anyone.

And without enough of the right kind of healthful food, it can be hard to sleep, hard to stay awake in school, hard to learn.

But help is available, and that help can come from people like you and me! We can donate money; we can donate time by helping out at food banks; we can donate food by picking up a few extra cans or boxes the next time we go shopping. Donations of food can be dropped off many different places, including the Union City Library! Many grocery stores take donations of food and money.

And the Alameda County Community Food Bank makes donating VERY easy! Just click on this link to visit their Virtual Food Drive!

I hope your family doesn’t need to use this resource, but if you do it’s a good feeling to know help is available! And sharing just makes you feel good!



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