Monday Children’s Book Reviews for January 26, 2015

bow wows nightmare neighborsBow-Wow’s Nightmare Neighbors by Mark Newgarden and Megan Montague

“Bow-Wow, an expressive dog, tangles with some unruly neighbors in this wordless, spooky Halloween picture book. A follow-up to the award-winning Bow-Wow Bugs a Bug.

“As Bow-Wow naps, his neighbors creep in and steal his cozy green bed. When the expressive pup tries to get it back, colorful chaos ensues as the house next door might not be exactly what he thought. ”

“This is a mysterious and perfectly-crafted little book, full of surprises and profundities and infused throughout with an uncanny sensitivity to the current state of canine-feline relations.” —Dan Clowes

“Bow-Wow is like Bee-Bop; you can read it quick or spend your time with it. Either way, it swings.” —Mo Willems                                        [JPB NEWGARDEN]

witch at the windowThe Witch at the Window by Ruth Chew

“Why did a witch appear at Nick’s window?

“Could it have something to do with a mysterious tree in Prospect Park? Ever since Nick and Marjorie discovered it, strange things have been happening. First, they find an odd spoon with no owner. Then a spooky bird follows them home—and talks to them! It must be the witch’s magic!

“But where has she vanished to? And what is she looking for?” Originally published in 1976.              [J CHEW]

big book of minecraftThe Big Book of Minecraft

“A guide to Minecraft covers everything from an overview of the game to advanced mining, farming, and architecture, including the most recent training, tools, and techniques, how to beat the game, and other building and sandbox games.

“Brought to you by the authors and editors that created the Minecrafter and Minecrafter 2.0 Advanced guide books, The Big Book of Minecraft features more of everything—more mods, more mining, more mobs, and more Minecraft! Up to date for the 2014 holiday season, The Big Book of Minecraft is packed with the most recent training, tools, and techniques to help readers get more out of their favorite sandbox game.”           [J794.8 BIG]

monsters unchainedMonsters Unchained! Over 1,000 Drop-Dead Funny Jokes, Riddles, and Poems About Scary, Slimy, Slithery, Slobbery, Spooky Creatures for Kids and Groan Ups by Richard Lederer

“From the Abominable Snowman to zombies, Monsters Unchained! is the funniest monster book you’ll find.

“This collection contains more than 1,000 puns, riddles, narratives, poems, arranged in an alphabetical parade of more than 20 classical monsters, each accompanied by creepy and kooky illustrations. ”             [J811.5402 LEDERER]


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