Monday Children’s Book Reviews for March 2, 2015

fetchFetch by Jorey Hurley

“With minimal prose and illustrations that echo the patterns of nature, youngsters are invited to experience the simple joy of a dog’s day at the beach in a vibrant picture book by the acclaimed author-illustrator of Nest.”                   [JPB HURLEY]

its up to charlie hardinIt’s Up to Charlie Hardin by Dean Ing

“In the summer of 1942, young teen Charlie Hardin is set loose in Austin, Texas, with one command, to stay out of trouble, but there are some situations he cannot ignore and he comes to understand that, no matter the cost, when danger arrives he must be brave, resolute, clever, and just a little bit crazy, including thwarting a dog-shooting neighbor and uncovering a criminal plot built on Nazi schemes.”                       [J ING, D]

world war iiWorld War II by Simon Adams

“Discover the war that shaped the modern world in Eyewitness: World War II. From the pre-war rise of Nazi Germany to the start of the war with the invasion of Poland in 1939 to Japan signing the surrender agreement in 1945, all aspects of the deadliest conflict in human history are covered in great detail with content that is accessible and appropriate for young readers.”     [J940.53 ADAMS]


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