Monday Children’s Book Reviews for March 9, 2015

finding springFinding Spring by Carin Berger

“A baby bear cub named Maurice is curious about spring—and he’s upset when Mama tells him that before he can experience his first spring, he has to hibernate through his first winter! Mischievous Maurice decides to leave their warm den and go find spring for himself. He asks all his friends for help . . . and finally finds something beautiful and full of magic and light. Spring! He wraps it up and takes it home, determined to show Mama and everyone else. The only problem? When Maurice wakes up, his little piece of spring (a snowball) has melted.”                   [JPB BERGER]

mind-blowing makeup in special effectsMind-Blowing Makeup in Special Effects by Danielle S. Hammelef

“Special effects make vampires and aliens look lifelike in movies. Actors bleed, monsters walk, and people grow old. How do makeup artists create these special effects?”                   [J791.43027 HAMMELEF]

epic stuntsEpic Stunts by Danielle S. Hammelef

“Move characters hang from tall buildings. They catch fire and crash cars. How do actors do these dangerous stunts? Most of the time, actors don’t. Highly trained stunt performers do this risky work.”    [J791.43028 HAMMELEF]

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