Monday Children’s Book Reviews for April 6, 2015

lullaby for little oneA Lullaby for Little One by Dawn Casey

“At the end of a lovely day full of laughter and fun, little Bunny and Big Daddy Rabbit have time for one last game. All their woodland friends join in, too — woo-hoo! — but when little Bunny gets tired of all of the hullabaloo, Big Daddy Rabbit knows that a special lullaby is exactly what’s needed.”         [JPB CASEY]

heroHero by Sarah Lean

“Leo is invincible when he’s pretending to be a gladiator in his imagination, but in real life, he struggles to make friends—unless you count his neighbor’s little dog, Jack Pepper. So Leo is thrilled when the cool kids invite him to hang out, even though they sometimes pressure him to do mean things.

“When Leo accidentally does something that makes the whole town think he’s a hero, he rolls with it—it feels nice to be celebrated, even if it’s a lie. But when Jack Pepper needs Leo’s help, can Leo find it in himself to be a genuine hero?”     [J LEAN]

dragonsDragons by Gerald Legg

“”Find out the fantastic truth about dragons, the creatures who, from the beginning of time, have haunted the imagination and dreams of almost every culture in the world”  Illustrated by Carolyn Scrace.         [J398.2454 LEGG]


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