Monday Children’s Book Reviews for April 13, 2015

National Library Week will be observed April 12-18, 2015 with the theme

“Unlimited possibilities @ your library®”

counting crowsCounting Crows by Kathi Appelt

“One, two, three, crows in a tree, bedecked in red scarves and hungry as can be. So they fly out of their nest with snacking in mind, and snack they do. Snack one, snack two, snack three—all the way to a dozen! But before they have time to complain about bellyaches, they have a bigger problem: a cat has been eyeing them…as potential snacks! Can these well-fed crows become well-FLED crows? Read and find out in this counting book from Newbery Finalist and two-time National Book Award Nominee Kathi Appelt.”                      [JPB APPELT]

cottage in the woodsThe Cottage in the Woods by Katherine Coville

“A fractured fairy tale inspired by classic animal characters and the stories of Jane Austen follows the experiences of governess bear Ursula, who worries about mysterious sounds she hears at the Vaughn estate while falling for her imperious employer.

“Although she is eager to instruct her young charge, Teddy, she is also frightened, especially when inexplicable things happen in the huge house after dark. Ursula is sure she has heard footsteps in the hallways at night, and that something is following her during her walks in the Enchanted Forest. Then there is Mr. Bentley, a young bear also employed by Mr. Vaughn, whose superior disposition is enough to drive Ursula to tears . . . and yet why does he also make her heart race? As Ursula works to unravel the mysteries of the Vaughn manor, she will have to be very, very careful. After all, true love, justice, and a girl with golden locks are at stake. And in the Enchanted Forest, not every fairy tale is destined for a happily ever after.”                   [J COVILLE,K]

Inside Outer SpaceInside Outer Space takes readers on an intergalactic journey that unravels the mysteries of the universe. These books inform readers on the Sun, Earth, planets and stars, while also igniting imaginations about the unknown. Stunning photos and diagrams aid in comprehension. Teacher and parent resources with text based questions available. Features: photo glossary w/phonetics, diagrams, sidebars, labels.” Some titles in this series:

solar systems Solar Systems by Nadia Higgins               (J523.2 HIGGINS)

moonMoon by Julie K. Lundgren              (J523.3 LUNDREN)





rocky planets Rocky Planets by Kyla Steinkraus               (J523.4 STEINKRAUS)





sun Sun by Julie K. Lundgren                (J523.7 LUNDGREN)





lives of stars Lives of Stars by Chana Stiefel          (J523.8 STIEFEL)




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