Western Stories





Max Brand

“When Jingo decides to court a judge’s daughter, he finds almost everyone out to stop him–the judge, the hopeful suitor, and the brother of the man he shot over a card game”

“Jingo” first appeared in Street & Smith’s Western Story Magazine in 1933!

Lost Gold

A Western Duo


Todd Hunter Ballard


In “The Dragon Was a Lady,” Faith Thorndike inherits a gold mine and mansion from her father, whom lost goldshe hasn’t seen for a number of years. She arrives in Goat Springs, on the eastern edge of Death Valley, and finds herself in the midst of turmoil. Lazarus Howe, attorney for the estate, wants to be her champion. He proposes marriage, and Faith, desperate, accepts him. But before she marries, she needs to learn the truth about the mine.

*these book are produced in the United States using U.S.
based material.
*Paper is sourced  using enviromentally responsible
foresting methods.* the paper is acid free.
Happy Earth Day!

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