Monday Children’s Book Reviews for August 17, 2015

back to schoolHurry up and enjoy your summer! It is almost time to go BACK TO SCHOOL!!!

There are lots of places to get tips on preparing, including WebMD and OrganizedHome.

Many schools and teachers want students to go back to school before buying supplies because they have a list. But here are a few suggestions:

School supplies

Although it’s difficult to predict what different teachers will require, you can get ahead of the game by buying certain staples. Here’s a general list of items that elementary school students usually need:

Glue stick
backpackNo. 2 pencils, or mechanical pencils
Colored pencils
Box of crayons
Water-based markers
Ballpoint pens
Loose-leaf notebook paper
Pocket folders
Printer paper
Drawing paper
Construction paper
A plastic ruler with English and metric measurements
Pencil sharpener
School box (for storing items)
Scotch tape

Here are some additional items middle and high school students usually need:

Two combination locks (one for the hall locker and one for the gym locker)
Binder dividers


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