Monday Children’s Book Reviews for August 24, 2015

room for bear Room For Bear by Ciara Gavin

“Waking up in the springtime and embarking on a search for a new home, Bear finds a perfect place with the family of five little ducks despite being rather too large to fit in.

“Can five little ducks find room for one big bear in their home—and in their hearts?”       [JPB GAVIN]

work and more work Work and More Work by Linda Little and Oscar T. Perez

“Tom lives in the countryside in the mid 1800s, and he’s curious what is it like in the town, the city, and the world beyond? ‘It’s all work and more work,’ everyone tells him. Determined to find out for himself, Tom sets off with a bit of bread and cheese in a bundle . . . He encounters crowded marketplaces, bustling wharves, and storms on the high seas. In China he sees how tea is made; in India he watches men make deep blue dye from indigo; in Ceylon he marvels at the skill of cinnamon peelers. Eventually he returns home with stories and gifts, showing his parents the riches to be found all over the world. This wonderful book includes an illustrated afterword about the different kinds of work mentioned in the story, work that was done when, in the days before steam, nothing moved except through the power of wind, water, and muscle.”       [JPB LITTLE,L]

fort Fort by Cynthia DeFelice

“In this boys-will-be-boys summer story about friendship and revenge, eleven-year-old Wyatt and his friend Augie aren’t looking for a fight. They’re having the best summer of their lives hanging out in the fort they built in the woods, fishing and hunting, cooking over a campfire, and sleeping out. But when two older boys mess with the fort–and with another kid who can’t fight back–the friends are forced to launch Operation Doom, with unexpected results for all concerned, in this novel about two funny and very real young heroes.”                     [J DEFELICE,C]

tortoise and the hareThe Tortoise and the Hare: an Aesop Fable retold and illustrated by Bernadette Watts

“A classic re-envisioned and retold by Bernadette Watts—one of Europe’s most recognized and beloved fairy-tale artists! When Tortoise says to Hare, ‘I bet I can beat you in a running race!’ everyone laughs. Tortoise puts one foot in front of the next. Hare stops to nibble carrot tops and cabbages. . . . Who will have the last laugh? ‘The Hare and the Tortoise‘ has been a favorite with generations of children around the world. Bernadette Watts’s lovable animals and sumptuous settings bring great warmth and charm to this timeless tale. Little listeners will celebrate anew with all the animals at the finish line!”                                 [J398.2452 WATTS]

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