Writing Your Story…memoir writing workshop

Tapping the Apocalypse : Writing Workshop with the Author Novella Carpenter

On September 5th, Novella Carpenter lead a very intimate and intense workshop on memoir writing for 12 participants at the Union City Library.Tapping the Apocalypse was the theme of this workshop. She stated that “moments in memoirs happen when something terrible happens to the narrator”.  She encouraged the members to write for 10 minutes. And she said to select a time frame in the one’s past that stands out as the lowest point of one’s life . Start with that moment. and tell the story . Tell the story in a Writing Workshop with Novella Carpenter2way that you would tell a child. Explain, use words. She said “words are free”, use them. See the humor and do not make oneself the victim in the story , she added! In this 1 1/2 workshop, she covered elements of writing  scene ,dialogues, and the writer’s voice and many other details and technique from her own writing experience.She also shared the titles of her favorite memoirs :The Glass Castle, The Liar’s Club, The Writing Workshop with Novella CarpenterUnprejudiced Palate, This Boy’s Life, and Open.

 Write Your Story @ the Union City Library

Join our senior library member Bruce Haase and write your memoir. Bruce is a life long reader, he now writes memoire-based, creative non-fiction. These are informal meetings to support each other and organize your thoughts for writing. Sharing is optional.

  Meetings take place the third Tuesday of the Month

 September 15, October 20,  and November 17

1 — 3 p.m. 
  Please bring your pen & paper.

For more information: Bruce Haase  Email:ohnjca@comcast.net



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2 responses to “Writing Your Story…memoir writing workshop

  1. Truly enjoyed this informative and intimate session. Novella had
    so many great tips. Thanks Union City Library. I also wrote a post after the event and will publish on my blog.

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