Monday Children’s Book Reviews for September 21, 2015

when on earth When on Earth? History As You’ve Never Seen It Before!

“In more than 60 specially commissioned maps, this one-of-a-kind history book shows where, when, and how history happened.

“Find out how the first farmers lived and worked. Discover the Viking world. Learn about the Arab Spring. Beautiful illustrations, 3-D graphics, clear annotations, and fun facts bring history to life and show how it fits in to the world at large. When on Earth? is perfect for any student of history, giving a guide to our shared past and a birds-eye view of the history of life on Earth.”         [J909 WHEN]

my big worldMy Big World by Dr. Sophie Dauvois

“Here is a new approach for young children to the geography and science of our planet. Starting with a child at home eating lunch, the book goes on to explore the horizons of the wider world, including plants and animals, rivers and oceans, mountains and forests, weather and seasons, the sun, the moon, and the stars. Featuring imaginative and humorous images and a large, friendly format, the book offers a unique way for children to make connections with their world. The investigations are led by a little girl named Koko who poses instructive questions, and is aided by three intrepid explorers. With things to do both on and off the page, including games, recipes, and crafts, children are able to comprehend each topic through playing and learning.”                      [J032.02 DAUVOIS,S]

barrons amazing Barron’s Amazing Fact-Packed, Fold-Out Atlas of the World by Jen Green and Christiane Engel

“Who says geography and social studies have to be boring? When kids crack open this insanely illustrated atlas, they’ll never look at continents, cities, landmarks, and world culture in the same way. Includes fold-out and pop-up maps, fun cultural facts, historical notes, and more.”               [J912 GREEN]

amazing world atlasAmazing World Atlas by Deborah Murrell, Philip Steele ; illustrator, Alice Lickens

“Finally, Lonely Planet has made the Atlas kids have been waiting for! With 160 pages of illustrated maps, engaging infographics, mind-blowing photography and a large dose of humour, this is the atlas that shows kids aged 8 and up what the world is really like.”             [J912 MURRELL,D]




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