A Bicycle Revolution

People across the U.S. are riding bikes more–improving their health and helping the planed

Right in front of the Minneapolis Central Library, a row of lime-green bikes sit parked in a special rack. Each bike is emblazoned with the logo “Nice Ride,” which is the name of the city’s bike-share program.

For a small fee, anyone can rent one of the 1,200 bikes from 138 stations across Minnesota’s largest city. People use the Nice Ride bikes to commute to work, run errands, or enjoy the city’s many bike paths.

“It’s really increased the visibility of biking in the city to see these kiosks on the corner with a dozen bikes lined up, or see the bikes every couple of blocks as you ride around town,” says Simon Blenski, who works at the Minneapolis Department of Public Works.

The rise of bike-share programs like Nice Ride are prompting more people to bike than ever. Skyrocketing gas prices and concerns about the environment have also gotten people to dust off their bike helmets, pump air into flat tires, and hit the road.

– A Bicycle Revolution.Authors:Hamalainen, Karina

more articles can found under EBSCOhost  library research link using keyword  bike and environment

Urban Cycling 101 @ Union City Librarybike

Sunday November 8, 2015

2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Free classroom workshop, no bike required!

For details and registration, go to or http://www.BikeEastBay.org/UC101

 or contact Bike East Bay at 510.845.7433 extension 2.


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