Monday Children’s Book Reviews for December 28, 2015

whatever happenedWhatever Happened to My Sister by Simona Ciraolo

“A young girl sets out to find out exactly what happened to her sister. Who is this new sister? Why does she never want to play anymore?

“For anyone who has ever felt left behind, Simona Ciraol, paints a touchingly sweet portrayal of the transience of childhood and how adolescence and growing up can be a truly mystifying experience.”    [JPB CIRAOLO,S]

lola levine is not meanLola Levine is Not Mean by Monica Brown

“Lola loves writing in her diario and playing soccer with her team, the Orange Smoothies. But when a soccer game during recess gets ‘too competitive,’ Lola accidentally hurts her classmate Juan Gomez. Now everyone is calling her Mean Lola Levine!

“Lola feels horrible, but with the help of her family and her super best friend, Josh Blot, she learns how to navigate the second grade in true Lola fashion–with humor and the power of words.

“In this first book in a series, Lola’s big heart and creative spirit will ring true.”                      [ J BROWN,M]

you cant see the elephantsYou Can’t See the Elephants by Susan Kreller

“When thirteen-year-old Mascha is sent to her grandparents’ for the summer, she spends her days bored and lonely at a nearby playground. There she meets Julia and Max, two young siblings who are incredibly shy and withdrawn. Mascha soon begins to suspect that they are being physically abused by their father, a prominent member of their small community. She tells her grandparents and the authorities, but they all refuse to believe her.

“Mascha can’t let the abuse go on, so she takes matters into her own hands.”             [J KRELLER,S]


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