Monday Children’s Book Reviews for January 18, 2016

your handYour Hand in My Hand by Mark Sperring and Britta Teckentrup

“Your hand in my hand
is where it belongs.
Your hand in my hand
as we walk along.”

“Come on a loving journey through the year and share the wonder of the world with your loved one. YOUR HAND IN MY HAND focuses on the warm spirit of togetherness and companionship.”    [JPB SPERRING,M]

stormstruckStormstruck! by John Macfarlane

“Believing his parents are going to euthanize Pogo, a beloved golden Labrador that had belonged to his deceased brother, twelve-year-old Sam sets sail with the dog and gets caught in a terrible storm along with Magnus, a hermit, and his pet tern, Fuego, whom they meet on an island.”                   [J MACFARLANE,J]

iliadThe Iliad retold by Gillian Cross

“A strikingly illustrated adaptation of Homer’s classic by the creators of The Odyssey traces the rivalry between two powerful Greek leaders for the hand of a beautiful woman against a backdrop of the Trojan War.

“After nine years of war between the Greeks and Trojans, tensions are heating up among men of the same faction as well as those on opposing sides. Two proud and powerful Greeks, King Agamemnon and legendary warrior Achilles, quarrel over a beautiful maiden, causing Achilles and his myrmidons to drop out of the fight. Meanwhile, fueled by rage and pride, honor and greed, soldiers on both sides—Odysseus and Patroclus for the Greeks, Paris and Hector for the Trojans—perform heroic deeds, attempting to end the war. Depicting their actions, and those of the gods they invoke, are vivid, stylistic illustrations reminiscent of Greek pottery, giving this large-format volume an extra measure of authenticity and appeal.”                      ]J883.01 CROSS,G]

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