Art @ the Union City Library

Mel Vera Cruz is an artist living in the east bay (Union City) who migrated from the Philippines when he was 31. Born in 1964, drawing is his passion since he was five and had been showing his works since the 1980’s. He had a couple of solo shows in Manila, Oakland and San Francisco and had been participating in group shows with his bay area art collective Epekto Art Projects Art @ the Libraryand Paolo Mejia Gallery.

He believes freedom means being self-sufficient. Mental and spiritual strength are keys in finding the courage to express our essence he says.  That’s why he uses materials that are ‘available’ not the ones we commonly buy from art stores.

He acts as bridge between the conscious and sub-conscious and feels it is important that we all realize that access within us. Mel’s artworks are the physical manifestation of the deepest abyss of his soul. It can be defined any way the person sees it because he feels it represents not only his but our past, present and future.

Mel Vera Cruz worked professionally as illustrator, art director, printer and pre-press artist in various companies for 30 years and is currently employed as graphic designer for the California Department of Transportation.

The installation will be here until April 16, 2016….Check it out!


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