Monday Children’s Book Reviews for April 25, 2016

when i grow upWhen I Grow Up… by Gill McLean

“Fergus is only a little pup, but what should he be when he grows up? His friends all have different ideas and it seems there’s a lot more to being a dog than he first thought! Who will help him decide what to be?”         [JPB McLEAN,G]

black dragonThe Black Dragon by Julian Sedgwick

“Talented magician Danny, who is half-Chinese, half-British, and dwarf strongman Zamora try to find the connection between the disastrous end of the circus Mysterium, where Danny’s performer parents were killed, and the disappearance of his guardian aunt,who is investigating sinister gangs in Hong Kong.”                          [J SEDGWICK,J]

little girls little bookThe Little Girl’s Little Book of Art by Kathryn Dixon

“Paintings by thirty of the most talented and renowned artists the world has produced. Beginning with Leonardo da Vinci and ending with Paul Klee, the paintings in this book have been specially selected to appeal to a little girl. Your little girl can explore the pages of this book and see artworks with colors, subjects and scenes that she can relate to and enjoy. Every painting has the potential to engage her imagination, spark her curiosity, and encourage her to want to learn to know more about art, artists, and the creative process.”                                [J709 DIXON,K]


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