Monday Children’s Book Reviews for June 13, 2016

noni speaks upNoni Speaks Up by Heather Hartt-Sussman

“Noni always tries to do the right thing. But she doesn’t know how to help her classmate Hector, who is constantly bullied for his name, his size and his giant glasses. Noni stands by silently, afraid that the kids will turn on her if she speaks up. Yet “doing nothing” doesn’t feel very good. Will Noni be brave enough to take matters into her own hands?”                   [JPB HARTT-SUSSMAN]

child of springChild of Spring by Farhana Zia

” In India, Basanta longs for the beautiful ring worn by her young mistress, but when it comes into her possession, she realizes that it’s not the wonderful possession she expected. Increasingly aware of the struggles of her less privileged friends, Lali and Bala, she finds a way to improve their lives and entertain their community – and the beautiful ring takes on new meaning.”         [J ZIA,F]

can you survive an alien invasionCan You Survive an Alien Invasion? An Interactive Doomsday Adventure by Blake Hoena

“Sirens blare and news alerts flash on the TV screen as alien crafts enter Earth’s atmosphere. You used to wonder if life existed elsewhere in the universe, but now only one question remains: Are they friendly or hostile? When YOU CHOOSE what to do next, your choices will determine if you survive the alien invasion.”     [J001.942 HOENA]


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