Write Your Story @ the Union City Library

eiffel_tower_blueJoin our senior library member Bruce Haase and write your memoir. Bruce is a life long reader, he now writes memoire-based, creative non-fiction. These are informal meetings to support each other and organize your thoughts for writing. Sharing is optional.

Meetings take place

 July 19, August 16,

and September 20

1 — 3 p.m.

Please bring your pen & paper.

For more information contact :

Bruce Haase


Highlights of the last session meeting:

There was a great conversation and readings last session. Everyone introduced themselves and the veterans gave a great deal of encouragement to the novice throughout the session.
Terry said that she has been writing short stories, poetry, book and she is working to publish them. Meanwhile she has her blog .This is the link to the Terry’s Blog.https://tconnellyswritingposts.com/
(Also one of her stories has been published in the Union City Library Blog:
Joyce said she started to write one story and then that became book! (16 stories has been already written). The stories find the life of their own and they have a way to become visible, Frank added. Just start writing!
Frank also shared that he just wanted to write one story inspired by the folktale jack and the beanstalk, and now it is becoming a long manuscript.  It is about an older married couple who find the magic beanstalk and the adventure that they experience in the land of giant—first they become young!
Bruce mentioned how a researcher has found out that college students who write well in college become CEO later in life. The College students with liberal studies background who live in metropolitan area and write well take away jobs from MBA graduate student from medium level Universities. ( many of Bruce writing has been published on the library blog .
Bruce said he has been writing for three years. He is writing a book in style of creative non-fiction. The key secret to writing is to allocate time every day, he discussed. Writing must not only be readable but understandable, he added. Giving example he mentioned the movie Do the right thing/Spike Lee.
Dennis read a short piece that it was in Ernest Hemingway’s style. Simple narrative  that describes an ordinary state of things , but slowly connect the readers to the situation, compel him/her to relates to the story; and to bring the reader and state of author’s mind and let him to “see” the meaning rather than to read it.
Olive said she just want to write few pages to show her grandchildren how everything was back when she was their age and compare to today life style. 
 Avi who was present with her 9 years old daughter. she said earlier in life ,she wanted to study journalism in school but now she is more interested in fiction. She has started a blog.
Suzanne was back and she said she likes to write for children, and she was going to share her one story –unfortunately her IPad did not work.
Joyce mentioned that the trend for children literature is that they like stories which is contemporary and children are the protagonist.
The prompt for the next session is a writing which involves with a musical instrument, and/or musician; that involves a loud sound.

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