AC Bike Clinic @ the Union City Library

BikeWednesday August 3, 2016 

11 a.m.- 2 p.m.

Next Week Bike Clinic will be here to help youth repair their bikes and teach mechanics and safety. Specifically focusing on families from low-income communities that often do not have access to professional bike repair.

The Bike Clinic helps keep youth rolling to school safely while reducing congestion and greenhouse gas emissions.

The Bike Mobile (BMB) is a mobile bicycle repair clinic that offers schools, community organizations, and public events in Alameda County free bike repair services, and bike mechanics & safety education. We offer this resource to the public through the Alameda County Safe Routes to Schools program, focusing primarily on families from low-income communities. We have found that up to 50% of Alameda County’s students do not ride their bikes due to minor issues, such as a flat tire or worn out brakes. BMB addresses this problem by bringing mechanics to them!

The BikeMobile is a free service that focuses on serving youth and families in Alameda County. Each visit lasts between 2-4 hours, and we can fix between 10-40 bikes per visit, including fixing flat tires, adjust brakes and gears, and replacing old chains, seats, and tires.



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