A Talk on Feeling Good @ the Union City Library


Feeling Good During the Holiday Season When You Know How to Manage Holiday Season Stress 

Sunday November 20, 2016
2:30 to 4:00 P.M.
 The panel from Feeling Good Therapy & Training Center  will be here to discuss keeping healthy boundaries and strategies to help with spending patterns, eating patterns and work habits.

Grace Khoo, LMFT

She obtained the Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy at University of San Francisco in August 2007.

She became a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in February 2013.

As seen on a Sussex Directories Inc site

She have 8 years of clinical experience in providing individual, couple and family therapy to clients from very diverse racial, cultural, socioeconomic, and religious backgrounds.

Her specialties are #1: relational issues (intimate relationship problems, family conflicts, peers issues, relationship with self, lack of social life), #2: stress management (coping with stress from work, coping with divorce, coping with physical health issues etc.) and #3: working with individuals/families who relocated from another country.

She can speak other languages. She reads and writes in Mandarin fluently. She can also have casual conversation in Cantonese and Hokkien.

Karen Yeh, Ed.M. Psy.D.

She works with individuals, couples, and families.  She established her private practice working exclusively withpsychologist-karenyeh children, teens and their parents.  Her practice has developed to treat individual adults as well.  Her skills address mood problems—such as feeling depressed, hopeless or anxious and stressed.  Her relationship work includes problems between peers at work or in school, between parents and kids, between spouses or partners, or just problems relating to other people or situations.  Dr. Yeh employs a trans diagnostic patient-centered approach to cognitive therapy.  Translated: her work with her patients is tailored to the individual, rather than to the diagnosis, and her approach is based on the idea that how people think affects how they feel.  Her goals are to facilitate, teach, and equip her patients with the tools to deal with their problems.  Dr. Yeh is a graduate of MIT where she majored in biology.  She received a Master Degree in Counseling and Consulting Psychology at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and earned a Doctor of Psychology at the California School of Professional Psychology.  Her private practice is based in Fremont, CA.

Tu Hoang, MA, MFTI

Engaged in the healing arts, I believe in the power of relationships and connection. I offer effpsychologist-tuective skills and tools to connect with yourself and others. To overcome anxiety and depression. You will not only be equipped with tools, you’ll leave feeling good and empowered to connect deeply.    

Katie Dashtban, Psy.D. 

Dr. Dashtban is a licensed health psychologist. Her specialty is in treating persons who suffer with both medical and psychological symptoms. She is the co-founder of Feeling Good Therapy and Training Center in Fremont. She is a graduate of California School of Professional Psychology and has completed her pre doctoral internship at UCSF department of Psychosocial Medicine and her Post-Doctoral fellowship at Kaiser Permanente department of Pain Management in San Francisco.


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