Monday Children’s Book Reviews for November 28, 2016

buddy-and-earl-and-the-great-big-babyBuddy and Earl and the Great Big Baby by Maureen Fergus

“Mom’s friend Mrs. Cunningham is coming for a visit, and she’s bringing her baby! While Buddy the dog tries to explain the ins and outs of babydom to Earl the hedgehog, neither of them is prepared for the chaos the small and adorable creature brings with it. When the baby manages to escape from its cage– which Buddy gently suggests is really just a playpen– it’s up to our favorite odd couple to save the day.” The third book in the Buddy and Earl series.         [JPB FERGUS,M]

fly-guys-ninja-christmasFly Guy’s Ninja Christmas by Todd Arnold

” It is Christmas Eve and Fly Guy realizes that he does not have a present to give to his best friend Buzz–but when he looks around the house searching for something suitable he discovers a stranger in a red suit, and decides to attack with some ninja moves.”  From the Fly Guy series.             [JE ARNOLD,T]

first-last-dayThe First Last Day by Dorian Cirrone

“The magic of summer comes to life in this enchanting middle grade debut about an eleven-year-old girl who must save the future by restarting time after she realizes that her wish to relive the last day of summer may not have been such a great thing after all.

“After finding a mysterious set of paints in her backpack, eleven-year-old Haleigh Adams paints a picture of her last day at the New Jersey shore. When she wakes up the next morning, Haleigh finds that her wish for an endless summer with her new friend Kevin has come true. At first, she’s thrilled, but Haliegh soon learns that staying in one place—and time—comes with a price.

“And when Haleigh realizes her parents have been keeping a secret, she is faced with a choice: do nothing and miss out on the good things that come with growing up or find the secret of the time loop she’s trapped in and face the inevitable realities of moving on.

“As she and Kevin set out to find the source of the magic paints, Haleigh worries it might be too late. Will she be able to restart time? Or will it be the biggest mistake of her life?”                 [J CIRRONE,D]

everything-you-need-to-ace-american-historyEverything You Need to Ace American History in One Big Fat Notebook: The Complete Middle School Study Guide by Lily Rothman

“An exciting book for all middle schoolers (6th-8th grade) who wish they had taken better notes in american history class or just want to jump to the head of the class. Each Big Fat Notebook is like getting to borrow the notebook of the best student in American history class, the one who not only writes down the important points the teacher makes—noting those crucial “you will get tested on these” facts—but also meticulously transcribes key points from the chalkboard and pastes teacher handouts into her notebook. Part “CliffsNotes,” part workbook, this study hack will help kids focus on the things they need to remember in order to rock their middle school exams and ace american history.

Everything You Need to Ace American History in One Big Fat Notebook covers the following topics and more:

Native Americans
The Colonies
The Revolutionary War
American Expansion
The War of 1812
Civil War Reconstruction
The Industrial Revolution
Immigration Imperialism
World War I & II
The Great Depression
The New Deal
Civil Rights
The Vietnam War
The Cold War
War in Iraq
Universal Healthcare                                                                [ J973.071 EVERYTHING]


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