Free Citizenship Application Assistance @ Union City Library

  Saturday August 26, 2017, 1- 4 p.m.
Free for Everyone


Get free assistance with:

• Benefits of naturalization

• Step-by-step review of the naturalization process

•Assessment of your eligibility to naturalize

• If eligible, assistance with application preparation

• Information about fee waiver

Documents to bring

1 copy of your green card (front and back) • List of employers and their addresses and/or schools you attended for the past 5 years, including start and end dates • List ALL your trips out of the U.S. including departure and return dates. • If you are currently married: spouse’s full name, date of birth, green card A#, date and place of naturalization, and current address • Information about all your marriages and about all of your current spouse’s prior marriages, including date of marriage, date the marriage ended, how marriage ended. • If you have children : their full name, dates of birth, green card A#, and address • Documentation of all arrests and/or convictions, including reason for the arrest, date, place, and outcome/disposition. BRING ALL arrest and court documents, even if the charges were dropped • Application Filing Fee : $725 check or money order, payable to “Department of Homeland Security” (If 75 years or older, $640 only)


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