Some New Children’s Books at Union City Library

Let’s take a look at some new Children’s books that have just arrived at the Union City Library.

First off, the book Just Like Me by Joshua Seigal and illustrated by Amelie Faliere is a delightful picture book where the characters repeat actions to be “just like me.” Like many picture books, it ends with that most desirable ending where all go to sleep.

Just Like Me

Rhyming text encourages young readers to copy the actions of the main character, from rubbing a tummy to leaping in the air.

Next we have In the Woods by Thereza Rowe.
In the Woods
There’s lots going on in the woods . . . Olly the horse is tired of waiting to turn into a unicorn like his friends. Lionel thelion is terribly embarrassed by his hair- loss. And Red the fox won’t come out of her hole because the wedding cake she spent hours preparing has been gobbled up.
JPB Rowe, T
And finally, Too Big or Too Small by Catherine Leblanc and Eve Tharlet.
Too big or too small
Whatever Little Bear does, it seems his parents feel he is either too BIG, or too small. What’s a little bear to do when he doesn’t seem to be the right size for anything he wants to do? Maybe if he turns the table on his parents, they’ll see what it’s like when you’re never the right size.
JPB Leblanc



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